6 Best Low Protein Cat Foods Reviewed

Often times, it is recommended for cats with kidney or liver disease to start on low-protein diets. However, it is important to know that the issue of protein is very complex when it comes to cats with chronic diseases. Additionally, there are many other nutritional concerns when it comes to kidney or liver disease. Excess … Read more

Best 9 Cat Foods for Weight Loss Reviewed

With over half of the cats in the US overweight, choosing a weight-loss food is no joke. The primary cause of obesity in cats is free-feeding dry food. The unlimited supply of calorically dense, high carbohydrate, dry food is a sure recipe for obesity. The first step to weight loss is to stop this practice. … Read more

Best 8 Non-Prescription Hypoallergenic Cat Foods Reviewed

Food allergies in cats can manifest in a few different ways. Itchy cats with inflamed skin may have food allergies. Cats with frequent vomiting or diarrhea may also have food allergies. These types of symptoms can have many causes, so your veterinarian should rule out things like fleas and hyperthyroid before considering a food allergy. … Read more

Best 9 Highly Digestible Cat Foods for Sensitive Stomachs

It is expected for most cats to experience GI issues at some point, and these can stem from a number of sources both in and outside of the gastrointestinal system, including parasites, intestinal foreign bodies, inflammatory bowel disease, stomach ulcers, cancer, or most commonly, food allergies. These food allergies or sensitivities can arise at any … Read more

Best 10 Canned and Dry Cat Foods for IBS and IBD (2023)

Inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome are conditions that occur when a cat’s digestive system becomes chronically irritated. IBS and IBD are treated using a combination of medicine and dietary management. The cause of chronic gut inflammation can be from any number of sources. Bad gut flora, autoimmune disease, food allergies, and food sensitivities … Read more

9 Best High Calorie Cat Foods for Weight Gain

Perhaps you have taken in a stray cat who needs to gain weight. Perhaps your senior cat is having a hard time keeping her weight on. Perhaps your kitten is growing so fast his appetite can’t keep up. Whatever the reason your cat needs to gain weight, we have selected 9 best high calorie cat … Read more

Top 8 Best Diabetic Cat Foods [Buyer’s Guide & Reviews]

Diabetes isn’t an easy diagnosis. The twice-daily insulin injections, frequent vet visits, and the worry about your cat all add up quickly. Luckily, choosing a good diet can go a long way toward helping manage feline diabetes. In some cases, weight loss and dietary management may even stop your cat from requiring insulin. Feline diabetes … Read more

Best 6 Non-prescription Low Phosphorus Cat Foods

Cats with kidney disease are usually prescribed a low-phosphorus diet. This is because the kidney is no longer able to effectively remove excess phosphorus. While phosphorus is needed to grow bones and maintain body pH, excess phosphorus can weaken bones, cause muscle pain, and cause many other issues. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) … Read more

How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

It seems like a simple question, but knowing how much to feed your cat doesn’t have an easy answer. Most cats will need to eat 1½ to 3 large cans of cat food or ½ cup to 1½ cups of dry food per day. Where your cat falls within these wide ranges depends on several … Read more

Should You Feed Stray Cats?

If you’re a cat lover, what would be your reaction to seeing a stray kitty? You would want to entice it with food and treats, which is understandable, given the cuteness of these furry critters. Nonetheless, don’t jump straight to feeding. Did you know that in some areas it is illegal to feed strays? Yes! … Read more