Soulistic Cat Food Review – What’s Wrong With It?

About Soulistic/Weruva For information on how we determined these scores, please see our Weruva Review. Soulistic and Weruva Recalls Soulistic as a brand has never been recalled. In-fact no Weruva food has ever been recalled in the United States. There has been a single Weruva recall in 2017 for an Australian-only line of BFF cat … Read more

Freshpet Cat Food Review – One of the Best?

Who Makes Freshpet? Freshpet was cofounded in 2006 by Scott Morris with a mission to make a new kind of pet food. The refrigerated pet food has been a huge hit and the company grew rapidly. Freshpet is based in New Jersey and has been publicly traded since 2014. As of 2020 Scott Morris is … Read more

Nature’s Logic Cat Food Review – Highly Recommended!

Who Makes Nature’s Logic? Nature’s Logic was started in 2006 by Scott Freeman, who is still closely involved in the company. The company was bought by VisioCap LLC in 2017, which provided significant monetary investment to help the brand grow. About Nature’s Logic Company Know How Nature’s Logic is a small company and therefore must … Read more

Instinct Cat Food Review – One of Our Top Scoring Food!

Who Makes Instinct Pet Foods? Instinct is a brand of the company Nature’s Variety. Nature’s Variety was founded in 2002. By 2008, L Catterton (a food industry investment group) became a significant shareholder in the company and allowed it to grow rapidly. In 2014, Agrolimen (a food and pet food industry investment group based in … Read more

Chicken Soup Cat Food Review – Just Another Pretty Face?

Who Makes Chicken Soup for the Soul? Chicken Soup for the Soul started as a book publishing brand in 1993. Around 2004 they began to diversify into pet food. When Bill Rouhana, Amy Newmark and Bob Jacobs bought the brand in 2008, they greatly grew the pet food side of Chicken Soup for the Soul. … Read more

Weruva Cat Food Review – Human Quality Food for Cats?

Who Makes Weruva? Weruva was founded by a couple in 2006 who named the brand after their cats. The company continues to be family owned to this day. They are headquartered in Natick, MA. Best Weruva Cat Food Best for Adult Cats – Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Chicken Frick ‘A Zee Given that Weruva … Read more

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Review – Hit and Miss Quality Control

Who Makes Blue Buffalo? Blue Buffalo was founded in 2002 and named after the founder’s Airedale Terrier Blue. After quickly building a large company and becoming publicly traded in 2015, General Mills purchased Blue Buffalo in April 2018. The founder Billy Bishop is still closely involved in the company. Blue Buffalo is the only pet … Read more

Iams Cat Food Review – Low Quality Kibble, Decent Wet Food

Who Makes Iams? Iams pet food has been around since 1946. The current owner of the Iams brand is Mars Petcare. Mars purchased Iams, along with several other pet food brands, from Proctor and Gamble Co in 2014. Proctor and Gamble had itself purchased the Iams Company in 1999. About Mars Petcare Company Know How … Read more

Fancy Feast Cat Food Review – Okay in a Pinch?

About Purina, Who Makes Fancy Feast Company Know How Purina is a huge company that is a division within Nestle. They have used their resources to keep a staff of over 500 experts in food production, animal nutrition, veterinary medicine and animal behavior. Purina invests heavily in both innovation and researching their products. They maintain … Read more