Lost Pets: A Guide To Prevention & Rescue

Lost Pets: A Guide To Prevention & Rescue Animal companions have been a meaningful part of human existence since prehistory and this fact still endures in contemporary times.  Losing a beloved domestic animal can be a devastating expevrience for every pet owner. But if there is one thing more troubling than the death of their … Read more

How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

It seems like a simple question, but knowing how much to feed your cat doesn’t have an easy answer. Most cats will need to eat 1½ to 3 large cans of cat food or ½ cup to 1½ cups of dry food per day. Where your cat falls within these wide ranges depends on several … Read more

Should You Feed Stray Cats?

If you’re a cat lover, what would be your reaction to seeing a stray kitty? You would want to entice it with food and treats, which is understandable, given the cuteness of these furry critters. Nonetheless, don’t jump straight to feeding. Did you know that in some areas it is illegal to feed strays? Yes! … Read more

How to Tell If Your Cat Is a Maine Coon Mix?

According to the world’s largest cat registry, The International Cat Association (TICA), 58 standardized breeds are currently recognized. Many of the existing breeds are genetic mutations, crossbreeds, and crossed hybrids of other breeds. Maine Coon cats are a type of American Longhair which have a very distinctive body style and are easy to identify if one … Read more

What’s a Mackerel Tabby Cat? 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Tabby describes a common pattern of markings in cats. The pattern has multiple variants, one of which is the mackerel tabby pattern. This variant is characterized by black stripes that run perpendicular to the cat’s spine and ring its tail. This pattern somewhat resembles a fish skeleton, which is why this tabby cat came to … Read more

What Would Cats Eat in the Wild?

Not many people (even cat enthusiasts) realize that domestic cats are some of the most efficient outdoor hunters around. Belying their loveable portly physique is a set of genetically-ingrained weapons designed for the quick and precise kill: A reflective ocular layer that allows them to see 6 times better in the dark than humans. 32 … Read more

How Long Can Cats Go Without Eating?

As a pet owner, it is all-natural to get worried sick when your paw friend refuses to eat. Who would not worry, right? Half of the time, they are just being finicky eaters and just needs a bit of variation in the menu. Another half of the time, there may already be an underlying cause … Read more

How to Get a Skinny Old Cat to Gain Weight?

Senior cats are prone to muscle mass and weight loss. In light of this, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) suggests that all cat owners must feed their pets with muscle-gain foods as early as 7 years old. Doing so will help them avoid weight issues as they age. On the … Read more

Cat Not Eating, But Acting Normal? 9 Things to Try

Cats are very expressive animals, so you’d know if there’s anything wrong with them. You’d immediately notice if they have changes in their eating habits. There are instances though, that cats can be their usual selves like there’s no problem at all so owners need to be vigilant in checking in on them from time … Read more

14 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Always Hungry

Is your cat eating everything in sight? Is your cat old or a kitten, overweight or underweight? There are many medical and behavioral reasons why your cat might be hungry but the actual condition of excessive eating or increased appetite is called polyphagia. Your veterinarian can best determine the reason, but there are several clues to … Read more