Should You Feed Stray Cats?

If you’re a cat lover, what would be your reaction to seeing a stray kitty? You would want to entice it with food and treats, which is understandable, given the cuteness of these furry critters. Nonetheless, don’t jump straight to feeding. Did you know that in some areas it is illegal to feed strays? Yes! … Read more

How to Tell If Your Cat Is a Maine Coon Mix?

According to the world’s largest cat registry, The International Cat Association (TICA), 58 standardized breeds are currently recognized. Many of the existing breeds are genetic mutations, crossbreeds, and crossed hybrids of other breeds. Maine Coon cats are a type of American Longhair which have a very distinctive body style and are easy to identify if one … Read more

What Would Cats Eat in the Wild?

Not many people (even cat enthusiasts) realize that domestic cats are some of the most efficient outdoor hunters around. Belying their loveable portly physique is a set of genetically-ingrained weapons designed for the quick and precise kill: A reflective ocular layer that allows them to see 6 times better in the dark than humans. 32 … Read more