Writing & Editorial Policy

What’s written below tells you about how we write and publish an article on PurrFoods. 

Who writes our articles?

Each of our article is going through multiple members on our team, including freelance writers, editors and veterinarians/animal-nutritionists who review some of those contents. If an article is reviewed by a veterinarian or an animal nutritionist, the article will be tagged with their name. If not, the article will be attributed to ‘PurringPal Team’. You can read and know about us and our team here

Our Writers’ Quality

We work with writers who are

  • Pet industry experts – They include veterinarians, animal nutritionists, pet e-book publishers, animal trainers who have spent years in professionally learning about the ways to care a cat. 
  • Everyday experience cat owners – Not everyone learns things from books. Lessons learned from real life experiences can sometimes be better than text book knowledge, especially in the case of cat care. That’s why we hire such experienced cat writers to complete a selected group of topics.  

If you’re interested in writing for us, please contact us

Quality Standards That We Uphold

We place a high bar in the case of the quality of the articles on our site. To make sure of the quality, writers are compelled to do extensive research than they normally would. After the submission of an article, an expert editor reviews the article.

How Is Research Done?

When writing a content, our team look on sources such as

  • Regular websites
  • E-books
  • YouTube videos
  • Online pet magazines
  • Podcasts from cat experts

While researching, we give more weight to data that comes from reputable sources. If the information provided by a well reputed source contradicts what’s given in a website run by an experienced pet owner having no veterinary degrees, we’ll give preference to the reputed source. 

Referring to Outer Sites

We extensively link out to external sites from which we take source data. We link out to other sites only if they don’t sound spammy or promotional in nature. Most of the time, we link out using the website name as anchor text itself. For example, According to PetMD e.t.c. 

We’d also be using the ‘Reference’ section at the end of some of the article to link out to all the sources that we used while writing the content. We’d also be embedding YouTube videos in our article if it helps the readers. We’ll be doing it according to the terms of YouTube.  

Grammatical Review

Our last step before publishing an article is to conduct a grammatical/structural review. In that review, the editor changes the format to make it comply with the nature of our site. We follow American english while writing and editing. 

Dealing Controversial Topics

We make it a policy to avoid sensational and controversial topics. But if we choose to deal with any, we’ll be using sources that are considered scientific, even if the common perception is different to what science says. 

Usage Of Images

We use personal, royalty/copyright free images on all our articles. We also pay and buy licenses to use some of the images present on our website. If you find any errors or have any concerns regarding any images, please send us a mail.