Cat Not Eating, But Acting Normal? 9 Things to Try

Cats are very expressive animals, so you’d know if there’s anything wrong with them. You’d immediately notice if they have changes in their eating habits. There are instances though, that cats can be their usual selves like there’s no problem at all so owners need to be vigilant in checking in on them from time … Read more

Wet Cat Food Vs. Dry Cat Food – What’s Best?

For most cats, if you compare wet food vs dry food, wet food is the better choice. Here’s why: In order to determine what is best for cats, it is worth taking a look into their past. According to the book “Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats” by the National Research Council, when cats rely … Read more

Why Is Your Cat Drinking a Lot of Water?

If it is about being dehydrated, it is important to consider the reason why. Most cats will wait until they are very dehydrated before they drink water. The reasons for dehydration could be as simple as eating dry food, playing hard, or being stressed. Sudden increased thirst is very concerning and can be caused by … Read more