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Soulistic Cat Food Review – What’s Wrong With It?

Soulistic has a wide variety of flavors and textures that are sure to appeal to even the pickiest cats. Foods are made in a human-grade facility which began as a commercial tuna cannery. Unfortunately, most of the recipes are tuna-based, which can be an issue with mercury and heavy metal accumulation over time.

How Good Is Soulistic

Soulistic is a brand of cat food made by Weruva exclusively for Petco. For more information about Weruva, please see our Weruva review.

Overall, Soulistic is a great option for even the pickiest of cats. Their well controlled phosphorus levels and a vast variety of textures and flavors show that Soulistic really is meeting cat owners’ needs and wants in a cat food. The foods also have a high meat content and are manufactured in a human grade facility. Soulistic overall strikes a good balance of being human-grade while accounting for feline nutrition.

Weruva is a small family-owned company that is rapidly growing. Their Petco-exclusive Soulistic line has expanded the company greatly in recent years. The Soulistic foods have much less nutritional variation between formulas than the Weruva foods do, and this is a good thing, as levels of critical nutrients are better balanced.

Most of the Soulistic Original Recipes have a higher carbohydrate content than is ideal for a wet cat food. This is due to the use of tapioca starch to achieve the most palatable texture possible. Because of this, Soulistic’s Original Recipes may not be the best choice for diabetic or overweight cats. However, the Pate formulas are much lower in carbohydrate content and provide a great alternative to the Original Recipes.

Overall Soulistic is another great choice from Weruva. As with Weruva, our main concern is that the majority of recipes include seafood. Because of mercury and other heavy metal concerns, it is not recommended to feed fish to cats on a daily basis. On the other hand, there is no source of omega-3 fatty acids in Soulistic’s seafood/fish-free recipes. Due to this, feeding fish/seafood-free recipes exclusively is not advisable either.

Soulistic Wet Food Ratings
Soulistic Dry Food Ratings

About Soulistic/Weruva



















For information on how we determined these scores, please see our Weruva Review.

Soulistic and Weruva Recalls

Soulistic as a brand has never been recalled. In-fact no Weruva food has ever been recalled in the United States. There has been a single Weruva recall in 2017 for an Australian-only line of BFF cat food.

What Foods Does Soulistic Make?

Soulistic currently makes over 40 varieties of wet cat food. There are both pouches and cans available. Soulistic is available in many texture varieties: “in Gravy,” “in Gelee,” “Pate,” “Moist and Tender” and “in Pumpkin Soup.”

There are several product lines with Soulistic too:

The Original Recipes’ flavors available are chicken, tuna, salmon, shrimp or some combination of these. These foods are available in both pouches and cans.

The Pate foods have a wider variety of proteins. All Pate recipes have chicken and/or tuna but ingredients such as turkey, salmon, beef, lamb and duck are also present in recipes. Uniquely, Soulistic offers Pate in both cans and pouches.

Finally there is the Moist and Tender line of Soulistic foods. These foods are optimized to increase your cat’s hydration. These foods are available in chicken, turkey, duck, beef, lamb and salmon dinner in cans. There are also pouches which have a combination of 2-3 animal protein sources.

Soulistic Wet Food Nutrition Review

Flavor and

Texture Variety














Soulistic’s ingredient lists begin with the named protein sources in the foods. All foods include chicken and/or tuna. Original Recipes may also contain additional seafood such as salmon, tilapia or crab too. “Pate” and “Moist and Tender” lines may contain additional meat such as lamb, beef, turkey etc or seafood.

It is somewhat concerning that the majority of Soulistic flavors include seafood. Just as with people, eating large amounts of tuna can accumulate mercury and other heavy metals in the body. Tuna can be a great cat food in rotation with other protein sources, but should not make up the majority of your cat’s diet.

Flavors with a “in gravy” texture include tapioca starch as a carbohydrate source and to create the gravy texture. “In pumpkin soup” flavors also include tapioca starch in addition to pumpkin in order to achieve the correct texture. The two “in gelee” flavors do not have any starches added to them. Most cats do well with tapioca starch in their diet, but it has little nutritional value. Tapioca starch is primarily added to make appealing textures and the food palatable to cats, but that can be just as important as nutrition!

The Pate cans do not have starches in the ingredients, but instead use dried egg to achieve the target texture. Pate pouches use a small amount of potato starch in order to achieve the correct texture.

Soulistic foods include sunflower seed oil in their ingredients as well. Small amounts of this oil are healthy, but the high omega-6 content can easily throw off the ideal omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio. Considering that there are several flavors of Soulistic without a significant omega-3 source, it is somewhat concerning to see the addition of sunflower seed oil without the addition of fish oil as well.

The mineral supplement used in the Soulistic foods is not chelated, except for the “copper amino acid complex.” This means that the minerals (besides copper) are not bound to proteins and are more difficult for the body to absorb. This is not necessarily cause for concern, but chelated mineral supplements are considered the gold standard in pet food, and Soulistic has chosen not to use them.


  • Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates

Original Recipes:

The average dry matter protein content in Soulistic’s Original Recipe foods is 59%. The food with the lowest protein content is “Sweet Salutations Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy” at 50% protein on a dry matter basis. The food with the highest protein content, at 72%, is “Shrimply Devine Tuna & Shrimp Dinner in Gelee.”

Fat content is fairly consistent in Soulistic’s Original Recipe foods, ranging from 11% to 15% on a dry matter basis.

Carbohydrate content is relatively high by wet cat food standards. The average dry matter carbohydrate content among the Original Recipe flavors of Soulistic is 23%. This ranges widely, from 12% to 34%. The carbohydrate content appears to be a product of achieving a certain texture for Soulistic. “Dinner in Gravy” flavors have a much higher carbohydrate content than “Dinner in Gelee” flavors.

It appears that there is a good amount of meat in these foods, with carbohydrates not acting as low-cost fillers but instead as critical texture enhancers.


The Pate recipes have a much higher meat content and lower carbohydrate than the Original Recipes overall. Protein content is roughly the same as the Original Recipes, but fat content is much higher. Dry matter fat ranges from 20% to 40%. Although this is unlikely an issue nutritionally, fat content this high may upset some more sensitive feline stomachs.

The carbohydrate content in Soulistic’s Pate foods ranges from 3.5% to 12% on a dry matter basis. This is a much more ideal carbohydrate content for a wet cat food than in the Original Recipes. If your cat will eat Pate textures, we would recommend these formulas over Soulistic’s other foods.

Moist and Tender:

As far as protein, fat and carbohydrates go, the “Moist and Tender” line sits somewhere between the “Original Recipes” and “Pate”  cat foods. Protein ranges from 46% to 69% on a dry matter basis. Fat ranges from 10% to 31% on a dry matter basis. Carbohydrates range from 7% to 18% on a dry matter basis. It appears that the formulations for these foods are very similar to the Original Recipes, but they use less tapioca starch and thus have a less thickened broth.

  • Phosphorus

Soulistic has a very well controlled phosphorus content in their cat food recipes. Dry matter phosphorus in the Original Recipes ranges from 0.7% to 1.2% with an average of 1.0%. It is very refreshing to see such a well controlled phosphorus level across an entire line of cat food. It is very clear that kidney health was taken into close consideration when these foods were being designed.

The “Pate” and “Moist and Tender” foods have similarly low phosphorus levels, with a few notable exceptions. “Duck and Tuna Pate Dinner,” “Duck Dinner in Gravy,” and “Lamb Dinner in Gravy” all have dry matter phosphorus levels between 1.5% and 2.0%. Still, these would be considered relatively well controlled phosphorus levels. Only one food has a high phosphorus level, “Duck & Salmon Dinner in Gravy,” which has 2.47% phosphorus on a dry matter basis. Since the vast majority of Soulistic’s phosphorus levels are so well controlled, we would recommend taking full advantage of their good formulations and avoiding feeding these specific flavors on a regular basis.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The majority of Soulistic’s recipes include seafood, which is a natural source of the essential EPA and DHA omega-3s. However, there are a handful flavors of Soulistic which do not include any seafood are notably absent of an omega-3 source. Ideally, fish oil should be added to these formulas.

Jaimee Alsing, an animal nutritionist, holds a BS in Animal Science from Cornell University, where she focused her coursework heavily on animal nutrition. She founded a small award-winning company, Colorado Care Co., which formulated and produced all-natural hermit crab and reptile food. Having worked in the industry, she understands that a lot can be hidden behind a label and strives to do extensive research beyond the ingredient list. For every article Alsing writes, she devotes a significant amount of time to researching each pet food company.

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  1. Is “Soulistic” Canned Cat Food made or manufactured in ANY way in an Asian country? I thought I saw printed on the label (in the past) it was made in Thailand. I avoid all food made/manufactured in any Asian country. Please advise – thank you.

    • Hi Tina,

      Soulistic is made in Thailand, but as we said in the Weruva review, Thailand has very good health and safety standards for pet food. The pet food industry in Thailand grew out of the tuna canning industry for human consumption. That being said, we know many owners prefer to avoid food made overseas so Soulistic might not be the right choice for you.

  2. What are the phosphorous levels in the Soulistic pouches?
    Chicken and pumpkin pate?

    My cat has CKD I need to limit the phosphorus in his diet. Why isn’t this stated on the package or the cans. I can’t find it anywhere
    Thanks so much


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