Is Vinegar Safe For Cats To Drink?

Aside from being a dressing for your salad or an ingredient to your favorite meal, it has been proven to have a lot of benefits for a person’s skin and overall health. In addition to that, vinegar is actually a staple for a lot of pet parents as well for its many uses and benefits. … Read more

Why Is Your Cat Drinking a Lot of Water?

If it is about being dehydrated, it is important to consider the reason why. Most cats will wait until they are very dehydrated before they drink water. The reasons for dehydration could be as simple as eating dry food, playing hard, or being stressed. Sudden increased thirst is very concerning and can be caused by … Read more

Why Is Your Cat Throwing Up Clear Liquid?

Cats vomit all the time and it always seems like they like to do it in hard-to-clean places like the carpet instead of on a tiled floor. Some of them do it once a month, some once a week, and some do it in the summer months only. You often can’t even tell the reason … Read more